The Biggest Scams Running in Social Media Today

If you have a social media site, you are probably aware of some of the scams that are common online. You might get a message from someone you don’t know that contains a link. When you click on this link, it takes you to either a spam site that asks for credit card information or it is a phishing site that requires you to log into your media site on a bad page. These types of (more…)

Why Multiple Hits Are A Good Thing Online

Online, the amount of people viewing a website are known as hits. They are registered this way so that the website owner may see this and understand how many people have been visiting the site. At the same time, those hits can be broken down into the individual computers that are viewing the website via their ISP address. That is an important factor to look at because of the potential for return viewers. Those people who are coming to look at the page time and time again are some of the (more…)

3 Mistakes To Avoid In Social Media Marketing

By now, most people know how important social media is for businesses. With more than one billion active users, Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the Internet, and Twitter is not far behind. In addition, many companies have seen tremendous success thanks to social media, and those who are able to tap into these platforms stand to reap tremendous benefits.

However, social media marketing differs significantly from other forms of Internet marketing, and marketers frequently make mistakes. Here are three common mistakes made by social media marketers and steps that can be taken to avoid them.

Treating Social Media Like a Website

Many businesses seem to view social media properties as akin to websites. By posting company information and asking people to like it, many companies hope that the popularity of their business will cause it to become popular on social media platforms.

In reality, getting people to like a particular page takes a considerable amount of effort, and most users will not think to search for businesses. As a result, success on social media demands action, and those who are able to post compelling information have a chance at seeing significant results.

In addition, social media is great for information that has the potential to go viral. All promotional offers should be shared on social media, and rewards for liking or sharing information can help tremendously as well. Social media requires effort, but its results make this effort worthwhile.

Posting Poor Content or Posting Too Frequently

While it is important to be proactive on social media, is also important to avoid annoying followers. A common mistake many new social media marketers make is to post too frequently. While those who follow a particular page will want to see relevant posts, those who post too frequently stand to lose some of their followers.

In addition, poor content has been known to drive away followers, and those whose posts contain poor grammar, pointless information or other obnoxious content may have difficulty maintaining a large following.

It can help to look at examples from those who have succeeded on social media in the past, and it is important to stay current with how people are using social media. Social media changes frequently; those who wish to take advantage of it will need to stay abreast of these changes.

Not Planning or Tracking

Too often, those who use social media fail to create a plant. Just like all aspects of business, a plan is essential for succeeding on social media, and those who develop a clear yet flexible plan will arm themselves to succeed. It is okay to change a plan over time, but it is important that all activities done on social media are directed towards a particular goal.

In addition, tracking results is also important, and there are a number of tools available that can help people track results for their various activities. It is impossible to know what leads to success and what leads to failure without proper tracking, and those who take the time needed to implement appropriate tracking tools will be prepared to improve their social media presence over time.

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Tribes and Followers: Determining Your Social Media Popularity

Marketing companies are adding social media services to their marketing list for a reason. Social media works very well when you are trying to increase website traffic. You can choose to pay for advertising on a number of social media outlets. You can also advertise offers that entice your visitors to take advantage of a free trial or anything that will cause them to take action.

Add a link back to your website on your offers. You will see the traffic (more…)

Generating a Platform Through Social Media

Getting noticed online is more and more difficult. The online marketing space, regardless of the niche, is becoming over saturated and discouraging to newcomers. While generating a platform for your message is harder than it used to be, using social media help to speed the process and show results quickly.

The key is to get involved on social media and take part in the conversation. Some bloggers use their Twitter accounts and Facebook pages as a sort of RSS feed through social media. (more…)

How Authors Use Blogs To Create Bestsellers

An author who is not already on the bestseller list might have a hard time breaking into that elite group of writers. Writing the book is just one part of the process. It is the most important part since without a book to sell; there is no reason for anyone to hand an author money, but there are other considerations.

To create a bestseller, the author must have a way for readers to find him or her. Readers stick to authors they know and love. They often have a (more…)

The 5 Best Social Media Platforms For Small Businesses

As you add social media to your marketing strategy, it pays to know which sites are worth it.


900 million people can’t be wrong. Everyone is on Facebook, and you should be, too. You can participate in conversations, upload videos, host giveaways and buy ads all from the social network.


When it’s business connections you need to make, this network for professionals and companies is one you must join. Participate in groups or find your (more…)

How Businesses Use Social Media to Investigate Potential Hires

You want to make sure that the person you’re hiring is the right fit for the position, so it makes sense to do a little research. Social networks make this easier than ever.

Everyone is on Facebook, and users rely on the social network to communicate with friends and family and post photos. Scooping out a potential hire’s profile can highlight whether this person frequently shows up drunk for or posts negatively about his current or previous job. Although you should remember that most people consider their (more…)

Why Social Media Isn’t Just For Students Anymore

Once upon a time, you had to have an email address with a college or university to join Facebook. However, the social network has been open to everyone for years, now, and students are far from the only users of social media.

Many businesses have hopped on the bandwagon because of the ease of connecting to potential consumers with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It’s an easy way to make fans, spread the word about sales and even address customer concerns.

Specialized networks like LinkedIn provide a platform for companies to find new employees and keep up with the industry, too. Pinterest is a great network to join if your company sells products because users rely on the virtual pinboard as a shopping list and life inspiration source.

Activity on social media lets companies more directly converse with consumers, and buyers aren’t quick to forget this. Social media builds trust in a direct manner. Facebook also works as a platform to host giveaways, http://satelliteinternetservices.com/, which Internet users love.

The reason social media makes so much sense is because everyone is on it. Parents, grandparents, teachers and old friends have signed up for Facebook, which boasts almost one billion international members.